Irish Thoracic Society COVID-19 Guidelines for Managing Respiratory Care

The Irish Thoracic Society COVID-19 sub-group has developed the following Guidelines for Managing Respiratory Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  These guidelines have been developed based on expert respiratory advice, consultation with specialty and professional groups, national and international best practice and with reference to HSE and HPSC guidance relating to Infection Prevention and Control.  These guidelines will be updated as required contingent on substantial change in the extent of community viral transmission. These guidelines do not supersede clinical judgement and should be tailored to local conditions, clinical context and available resources.

The Irish Thoracic Society COVID-19 sub-group was established in March 2020 to develop guidance for the management of respiratory care during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  It is made up of senior respiratory clinicians  who are members of the Irish Thoracic Society, with broad regional, sub-specialty and institutional representation and external/stakeholder input as required.

Guideline for Managing Respiratory Care: SARS COVID-19 V2 January 2021

Addendums to Guidelines for Managing Respiratory Care:

ITS Prone Positioning of the Conscious Patient with COVID-19 V1 20.04.2020

HSE Covid-19 Interim Clinical Guidance -VTE protocol and patient information for acute hospitals (CD-120 V1/21.04.20)

Guidance for the Clinical Management of COVID-19 in COPD and Asthma V5 14.04.2020

ISS ITS Sleep Guidelines V4 21.09.2020

Irish Thoracic Society Bronchoscopy Statement – V1.1 14.05.2020

Guidance for Safe Bronchoscopy Unit Operations in Pandemic Conditions – V2.1 03.02.2021

IPC Pulmonary Function Testing V1.2 09.10.2020


Other Respiratory Guidelines:

Guidance on the use of oxygen in long term residential care settings for older people during COVID-19

ISCP Guide for Rehabilitation of inpatients with COVID 19 V1 1 02-06-2020

CPRC COVID Exercise Advice in Isolation

CPRC COVID Breathlessness Advice

CPRC COVID Advice Post Discharge