A review of complications post CT guided lung biopsies in the Mid-Western Lung Cancer Centre

Title: A review of complications post CT guided lung biopsies in the Mid-Western Lung Cancer Centre
Author(s): MK Rana G Bennett B Okpaje S Shahsavari A Farrell P Hession A O’Brien
Institution: University Hospital Limerick
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Category: Lung Cancer and Bronchoscopy
Abstract: Percutaneous CT-guided transthoracic needle biopsy is used to classify pulmonary lesions difficult to reach by bronchoscopy. The most common complications are pneumothorax (0–61%), chest drain insertion (3.3-15%), intrapulmonary haemorrhage (5–16.9%) and haemoptysis (1.25–5%). Other adverse events, including systemic air embolism, needle tract seeding, and death have a much lower incidence (<1% of cases). An erect chest x-ray(cxr) is sufficient to detect the majority of post biopsy pneumothoraces.
We retrospectively reviewed the incidence of complications post CT guided lung biopsies performed from 2019 until 2020 in the Mid-Western lung cancer centre, University Hospital Limerick(UHL). We investigated patients age, gender, post biopsy incidence of pneumothoraces, pneumothoraces requiring chest drain/admission, haemoptysis and haemorrhage.
34.4%(28/81) of patients had pneumothoraces on cxrs performed two hours post biopsies. Out of those 28.5%(8/28) patients required chest drain insertion and 71.4%(20/28) patients were managed conservatively. 11.1%(9/81) had a haemorrhage and 4.93%(4/81) reported haemoptysis post procedure. Only 14 patients were admitted due to complications of pneumothoraces and haemorrhage. There were no cases of systemic air embolism, needle tract seeding or death.
The complication rate post CT guided lung biopsies in UHL is similar to those reported in international published literature.

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