A Review of the Use of Omalizumab in a Tertiary Referral Centre

Title: A Review of the Use of Omalizumab in a Tertiary Referral Centre
Author(s): C. Gill S. Roche L.Dolan P. Nadarajan
Institution: St James's Hospital
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Category: Asthma and COPD
Abstract: Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition resulting in episodes of reversible airway obstruction. Severe asthma accounts for 10% of all disease (1), and poses a significant therapeutic challenge. In recent years, a number of biological therapies have been approved for treatment of steroid refractory asthma.

We reviewed the use of Omalizumab in patients commenced on the drug over a ten year period using electronic patient records. We compared pre and post treatment spirometry, frequency of exacerbations per year and mean daily steroid intake.

We identified 14 patients (50% male; mean age 59.07 years) commenced on Omalizumab during this period. Mean daily steroid use decreased from 10mg Prednisolone per day to 5mg per day while on Omalizumab. Most patients (86%) had reduced rates of exacerbations while on the drug. 75% of patients also had improved spirometry results on treatment, with an average improvement of 10% in forced expiratory volume.

This review highlights the beneficial effects of Omalizumab in a small patient population in a tertiary referral centre. A further review of patients who failed to improve on Omalizumab could be worthwhile to elucidate any common patient characteristics that might indicate poor response to therapy.