A Survey Of The Use Of High Flow Nasal Oxygen in Cork University Hospital

Title: A Survey Of The Use Of High Flow Nasal Oxygen in Cork University Hospital
Author(s): S Healy AM Fitzgerald M O'Grady A Hallahan MT Henry DM Murphy
Institution: Cork University Hospital
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Category: Miscellaneous
Abstract: Usage of high flow nasal oxygen (HFNO) continues to expand. However there is limited information on usage in acute hospitals. This survey reviewed HFNO usage in Cork University Hospital (CUH).
CUH Airvos (HFNO device) were tracked by physiotherapists from March 2020 to March 2021. Information on machine usage, locations and settings was captured. A detailed patient (non-covid) database was completed for fourteen weeks from July to Oct 2020.
Airvos were tracked as being in use 3397 times. Table one shows the settings used. The average daily number of Airvos used was 13 (maximum 43). There were 124 patients on Airvo during the fourteen weeks. The respiratory ward had the highest number of patients; 46% of patients moved ward/room while on Airvo; median Airvo duration was 6 days and median length of hospital stay was 25 days. Physiotherapy was the discipline that most commonly set it up, initiated weaning and discontinued Airvo. Airvo outcome: 74% successfully weaned, <1% RIP, 14% palliation/comfort care. Hospital outcome: 75% discharged from CUH, 25% RIP in hospital.

Table 1: Airvo settings

Settings: % Of total Airvos in use:
Oxygen percentage: >60% O2 11.7
40-60% O2 47.17
<40% O2 41
Flow rate: >50 Lpm 13.4
30-50 Lpm 82.4
<30 Lpm 4.2

Our data provides a snapshot of current acute HFNO use and outcomes and identifies some areas for improvement, e.g. implementing a guideline for intra-hospital transfer of patients on HFNO.