An Audit of a Nurse-Led Clinic for Follow Up of Patients with Home Oxygen

Title: An Audit of a Nurse-Led Clinic for Follow Up of Patients with Home Oxygen
Author(s): A. O’Keeffe M. O’Donnell A. Devi N. Dhondt E. Drudy W. Binalialsharabi K. Breathnach C. Gleeson C. Gray P. Nadarajan
Institution: St James's Hospital
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Category: Asthma and COPD
Abstract: An audit of a nurse-led clinic for follow-up of inpatients newly commenced home oxygen
A. O’Keeffe, M. O’Donnell, A. Devi, N. Dhondt, E. Drudy, W. Binalialsharabi, K. Breathnach, C. Gleeson, C. Gray, P. Nadarajan
St. James’s Hospital, James’s Street, Dublin 8.
Patients newly commenced on ambulatory oxygen therapy (AOT) and long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) are often not followed up to assess appropriateness/necessity of initial prescription [1]. The aim of this audit was to assess the effectiveness and outcomes of a nurse-led clinic at ensuring follow-up of all patients who were newly commenced on LTOT and/or AO following a hospital admission.
The audit examined all inpatient home oxygen requests sent between November 2019 - March 2020. Data in relation to follow up attendance and modification of prescription was captured on Excel.
Fifteen patients newly commenced LTOT and/or AOT as an inpatient over the study period and were eligible for inclusion in the audit. Only six patients attended the first follow up at six weeks (DNA n= 5; CNA due to COVID n=4). Twelve patients attended a further follow up review at six months. Six persons attended twice and only two had no follow-up. Over the two visits, LTOT was stopped in 4 persons and modified in two, while AOT was also stopped in four persons and modified in two.
Nurse-led care allowed for high follow-up rates of patients prescribed home oxygen following a hospital admission and ensured appropriate changes were made.

1. Ringbaek T, Lange P, Viskum K. Are patients on long-term oxygen therapy followed up properly? Data from the Danish Oxygen Register. Journal of Internal Medicine. 2001;250(2):131-136.