An Integrated Respiratory Service- from paper to patient and beyond

Title: An Integrated Respiratory Service- from paper to patient and beyond
Author(s): A Barry R Reilly SDW Miller
Institution: Our Lady's Hospital, Navan, Co. Meath
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Category: Miscellaneous
Abstract: Slaintecare funding for the Meath Integrated Respiratory Service (MIRS) commenced in March 2021. MIRS aims to provide both local chronic respiratory care and a reduction in acute hospital admissions for patients in County Meath. We describe development of the service.
Initial weeks were spent identifying service requirements and creating an implementation timeline. Administrative and clinical accommodation, governance structures and equipment were agreed. Primary and secondary care stakeholders collaboratively identified service needs and challenges. Priority areas and benchmarking were identified through audit.
Documents describing model of care, policies, pathways, patient assessments, evaluation framework and reporting structure were developed. A single referral pathway was established. We promoted our service and delivered education to all healthcare professionals.
Service implementation occurred simultaneously in acute, home and outpatient settings. Our expertise allows for supportive discharge and admission avoidance. Pulmonary rehabilitation is delivered in virtual and face to face format. Regular multidisciplinary meetings allow for clinical supervision, shared expertise and learning. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are captured on our activity database.
MIRS now successfully provides Integrated Respiratory Care for Co. Meath. We have learned the benefit of careful planning, patience and persistence. We provide further advice for others initiating similar services highlighting barriers with suggested solutions.