Audit of Asthma Management in the Emergency Department

Title: Audit of Asthma Management in the Emergency Department
Author(s): D Doyle, RM Rutherford, J O’Donnell, M Doris, O Rahman, M Brassil
Institution: Galway University Hospital
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Category: Asthma and COPD
Abstract: Acute adult asthma admissions have diminished with the development of highly effective inhaled medication. Unfortunately, from anecdotal observation, the expertise in managing acute asthma exacerbations as a result in GUH has probably deteriorated. Therefore, the Respiratory and Emergency departments have jointly audited this critical phase of asthma care, with reference to the BTS Guidelines 2019. 20 patients were retrospectively selected. Our audit has identified areas for improvement. Among them was severity, which could be calculated more frequently as it is a very useful guide to management. The first dose of nebulised medication was found to vary significantly. Salbutamol 5mg should be the first choice in all cases with the addition of Ipratropium in severe cases. Our audit has shown that there is room for improvement in our emergency management of asthma exacerbations.