Audit of Thoracic Activity in Level 1 Trauma Centre

Title: Audit of Thoracic Activity in Level 1 Trauma Centre
Author(s): Tanya Chandwani, Nida Ara, Daniyal Arshad, Mr Nadeem Anjum, Mr Kishore Doddakula
Institution: Cork University Hospital
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Category: Lung Cancer and Bronchoscopy
Abstract: Lung cancer resection for primary bronchial carcinoma is considered as indicator of level of thoracic activity in tertiary referral centre. We analyse the total thoracic activity related to lung cancer resection in level one trauma centre.
The purpose of study intended to look at over all thoracic activity & resources requirement related to lung cancer resections, chest trauma & benign lung diseases.
Our results clearly demonstrate that lung cancer resection only consists of approximately 46 % of total thoracic activity. Hence it does not represent a true thoracic activity & resources requirement in comparison to centres focusing only on lung cancer resection.
264 thoracic cases have been admitted under cardiothoracic care in cuh
It includes chest trauma (37 cases), Lung Cancer-Primary & Secondary (123), Benign lung disease (decortication, pleurectomy, Talc pleuredesis, pleural biopsies, Lung volume reduction surgery)-65, Diaphragmatic plication (2), Mediastinal mass/cyst excision -13, Pneumothoraxes & empyema not requiring surgery-24.