Bronchiolitis Review

Title: Bronchiolitis Review
Author(s): D Doyle, J Ryan, RM Rutherford, A O’Regan
Institution: Galway University Hospital
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Category: General Respiratory and Sleep
Abstract: We examined the adult population of patients with bronchiolitis in GUH to
determine common aetiologies and their responses to treatment. There is
scant literature outlining the management of bronchiolitis so our data may
shed some light on this uncommon disease. Our patient electronic system was interrogated with the search term “bronchiolitis” and 100 patients were reviewed. Bronchiectasis, obstructive airway disease and reflux/aspiration were the commonest causes of adult bronchiolitis in our cohort. H influenzae was the
most common pathogen, followed by S pneumoniae then P aeruginosa. Most of the time, azithromycin and PPI therapy yielded proven resolution of bronchiolitis.