Burden of Nasal Symptoms in Motor Neuron Disease patients

Title: Burden of Nasal Symptoms in Motor Neuron Disease patients
Author(s): M Talty F Gargoum R Rutherford
Institution: Galway University Hospital
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Category: General Respiratory and Sleep
Abstract: There is a lot of attention given to serially assessing the strength of the inspiratory1,2 and expiratory muscles in MND patients to try and predict impending respiratory and sputum clearance failure. To our knowledge, there have been no studies looking at the effect of weak respiratory muscles on the patient’s ability to clear their upper airway. This can be a distressing symptom for patients and reduce the efficacy of non-invasive ventilation.
We, therefore, surveyed our patients by questionnaire to assess their burden of nasal symptomatology. 21 out of 30 (70%) patients responded. 14 (66%), described regular nasal and/or sinus symptoms, occurring ≥ a few times a week. 11 (52%) reported a moderate or greater impact on QoL. 16 (63%) reported difficulty with nasal congestion and an inability to adequately clear their nose, 9 (56%) of whom felt it was due to an inability to generate enough expiratory force. 9 (45%) patients employed NIV, none of whom reported an impact on its use.
In this small study we identified a significant burden of nasal symptomatology in our MND population. Topical medications, breath stacking and single nostril expulsion technique could all play an important role in ameliorating this symptom.