Characteristics of Chronic Rhinosinusitis in Severe Asthma Cohort.

Title: Characteristics of Chronic Rhinosinusitis in Severe Asthma Cohort.
Author(s): M Talty H Mulryan M Harrison M Thornton A O'Regan
Institution: Galway University Hospital
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Category: Asthma and COPD
Abstract: Chronic rhinosinusitis is an important cause of poor asthma control yet there is little prospective data on risk factors and impact of CRS treatment. We established a prospective study utilising a combined asthma – ENT clinic to assess this patient group. We report the characteristics of the first 40 patients in this study.

Patients recruited from the Asthma clinic in GUH were assessed and managed in a standardised manner using a multidisciplinary team.

40 asthmatics (mean age 57 +/- & 21 male) were studied with evidence of CRS (Luck Mckay Score 11+7). By RAST testing (22/39) 56% were atopic (HDM 1; Grass 12; Tree 3; Dog 5; Cat 6) Aspergillus sensitization was seen in 7(17%). 30/39 (76%) had eosinophilia including 12/17 of the non-atopic cases. Other results included ANCA (2); ANA (4); Low immunoglobulins (3) and alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency (2); 2 aspirin exacerbated.

CRS in asthma, although often atopic. is associated with eosinophilia and aspergillus sensitization. Further studies relating to risk factors and management are ongoing in this prospective cohort.