Compliance of CXR follow up- An Audit, Beaumont Hospital

Title: Compliance of CXR follow up- An Audit, Beaumont Hospital
Author(s): S. Toland S. Collins P. Branagan
Institution: Beaumont Hospital
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Category: General Respiratory and Sleep
Abstract: Pneumonia affects around 8 in 1,000 adults each year in Ireland.1 British Thoracic Society (BTS) Guidelines state that all patients admitted to hospital with community acquired pneumonia (CAP) should have a follow up chest x-ray (CXR) within 6 weeks of being discharged from hospital.2

The aim of this retrospective audit is to evaluate whether follow-up CXRs were performed on patients admitted with radiologically confirmed pneumonia within the correct time frame as outlined in the BTS guidelines. We randomly selected 100 patients who were admitted via the emergency department in Beaumont Hospital between October 1st and November 31ST 2019 with a consolidation evident on their admission CXR.

100 patients were identified, 52% were female 48% male with a median age of 64.5 years. 45% did not have any follow up imaging. 55% did have follow up imaging, of which 45% had their CXR within 6 weeks of discharge, 32.7% within 6-12 weeks, 12 21.8% greater than 12 weeks. 72.7% had full resolution.

55 patients had follow-up chest imaging, with 25 fulfilling the BTS guidelines. This means that potential lung cancer diagnoses/other respiratory conditions may be delayed. Our plan is to educate the importance of follow up CXRs and we plan to re-audit in 3 months.