Dedicated Lung Nodule Services Reduces Need for Follow up Imaging

Title: Dedicated Lung Nodule Services Reduces Need for Follow up Imaging
Author(s): Walsh S, Cogan G, Counihan I, Quinn A, Hassan T
Institution: Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, Co. Louth
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Category: Lung Cancer and Bronchoscopy
Abstract: The management of solitary lung nodules using the BTS guidelines 2015 can increase the detection rate of early-stage lung cancers and reducing unnecessary CT surveillance. To date, there is a lack of dedicated nodule services in Ireland. We audit the impact of a dedicated service in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

CT surveillance for solitary lung nodules performed 15 months before and after the introduction of a dedicated nodule service were compared. Retrospective NIMIS review were used to capture nodules detected incidentally. The MDM nodule service was attended 6 weekly by a respiratory physician and radiologist with outcomes sent to the primary physicians including the rapid access clinic if deemed appropriate.

79% of CT surveillance were deemed inappropriate (either unnecessary or outside the interval window as per BTS Guidelines) before the service was introduced (Figure 1). This reversed to over 80% of appropriate surveillance thereafter. The number of CT surveillance performed after was also reduced by 74% following the service

A dedicated nodule service is effective in reducing CT surveillance which might alleviate both unnecessary waste for the hospitals and anxiety to patients.