Establishment of a Tertiary Care Respiratory Assessment Unit

Title: Establishment of a Tertiary Care Respiratory Assessment Unit
Author(s): S Toland L Power C Hayes K Hurley RK Morgan ME O'Brien
Institution: Beaumont Hospital
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Category: Miscellaneous
Abstract: A purpose built Respiratory Assessment Unit (RAU) opened in Beaumont Hospital in January 2021 comprising of 9 single rooms.
The RAU provides early specialist input for a range of respiratory conditions via a multi-disciplinary team of respiratory doctors, nurses, ANPs, and physiotherapists. The RAU supports both scheduled and unscheduled inpatient and ambulatory care, including COVID-19 assessment and delivery of advanced respiratory supports.
Over 6 months, 280 patients’ RAU admissions were evaluated, including 114 (40.7%) with COVID-19 pneumonia. Initially the RAU treated patients with COVID-19 presenting with acute respiratory failure and provided advanced respiratory supports, such as non-invasive ventilation. Early specialist respiratory input for patients presenting to ED supported inpatient and ambulatory pathways for COVID-19 care.
Of the total 280 patients, there were 232 (82.85%) patients transferred from ED, 25 (8.9%) elective admissions, 8 (2.85%) OPD admission, and 15 (5.35%) direct ED admissions.