(EUS-B-NA) For Poorly Accessible Thoracic Lesions:

Title: (EUS-B-NA) For Poorly Accessible Thoracic Lesions:
Author(s): Quigley D, Nadarajan P, O Connell F
Institution: Saint James Hospital
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Category: Lung Cancer/CF/ILD/Surgery
Abstract: EBUS has long been a common diagnostic tool used in the diagnosis of pulmonary pathologies. In the last decade increased interest has been shown its usage via the oesophagus for sampling lesions inaccessible via the airways. We used this modality in 6 cases to biopsy lesions not visualized via conventional EBUS. CT guided biopsy was high risk. More focused education on using EBUS via the oesophagus for respiratory trainees could greatly improve overall clinical practice. It improves the diagnostic yield of lesions and prevents onward referrals for EUS already delayed during the COVID pandemic. EBUS, due to its smaller size, is less irritant to the upper airways and requires less sedation than EUS scopes. It is also shorter than an EUS scope improving manoeuvrability. Each of our cases resulted in early histological diagnosis and subsequent appropriate treatment.