Impact On Hospital Length of Stay of A Respiratory Assessment Unit

Title: Impact On Hospital Length of Stay of A Respiratory Assessment Unit
Author(s): C. Hayes, S. Toland, L. Madden-Doyle, R. Morgan, E. O’Brien.
Institution: Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
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Category: Miscellaneous
Abstract: A dedicated Respiratory Assessment Unit (RAU) was opened in Beaumont Hospital in January 2021. The initial role of the RAU, which is composed of 9 single rooms, was management of COVID-19 inpatients. Its utilisation has evolved with the changing demands of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The RAU provides an opportunity to potentially decrease patient length of stay and facilitate ambulatory care of common respiratory conditions as well as facilitating access to more rapid diagnostic testing. We reviewed the records of 165 patients assessed in the RAU from July to October 2021.

101/165 patients (61%) were under the care of the respiratory team with 65/165 (31%) non-respiratory admissions. 34/165 (21%) patients were admitted directly to the RAU from respiratory clinic electively or urgently. Total hospital length of stay was significantly less in this cohort compared to those admitted via ED or transferred from another inpatient ward. 5/34 (15%) direct admissions had a stay of less than 24 hours.

57/165 (35%) underwent specialist respiratory intervention. 30/165 patients (18%) required use of non-invasive ventilation or high flow nasal cannula.