Improving Internal Medicine Trainee’s Experience: Introduction of a Pleural Skills Lab

Title: Improving Internal Medicine Trainee’s Experience: Introduction of a Pleural Skills Lab
Author(s): D. Cullen C. Hagan N. Chapman A. John L. Polley R. Convery A. Green D. McNicholl
Institution: Southern Health and Social Care Trust
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Category: General Respiratory and Sleep
Abstract: Introduction: The Internal Medicine curriculum states IMT trainees should be competent in pleural procedures including pleural aspiration and chest drain insertion

Aim: We aimed to introduce a pleural skills lab to cover the objectives set out by JRCPTB in the Internal Medicine Trainee (IMT) curriculum. We aimed to cover pleural aspiration and chest drain insertion for fluid and pneumothorax. This is part of our wider aim to improve the Internal Medicine Trainee experience within our hospital.

Methods: We designed and sent out a survey to Internal Medicine trainees within our hospital. The survey had an 80% response rate with all respondents registering interest. One trainee had skills lab training previously and similarly, only one trainee had a previous DOPS for pleural procedures. As expected, trainees who had no previous exposure to Respiratory Medicine found sign off challenging.
We designed a 90 minute teaching session based on the IMT curriculum and using British Thoracic Society guidelines delivered an initial didactic teaching session, before moving onto interactive teaching with the assistance of the Blue Phantom training model in a skills lab format led by senior respiratory physicians.

Results: 80% of Internal medical trainees attended the session and all achieved skills lab competence fulfilling curriculum requirements and with positive feedback to educators.

Conclusion: A pleural procedure skills lab can be delivered in a general district hospital with limited resources, improving junior doctor’s skills and educational experience