Is Robotic Lobectomy Cheaper? A Micro – Cost Analysis

Title: Is Robotic Lobectomy Cheaper? A Micro – Cost Analysis
Author(s): B Shanahan U Kreaden J Sorensen K Redmond
Institution: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
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Category: Lung Cancer and Bronchoscopy
Abstract: Higher capital costs and Operating Room costs associated with Robot Assisted (RATS) Lobectomy have previously been suggested as the principal contributors to the elevated overall cost. This study uses a micro-costing approach to a previous analysis of clinical outcomes of RATS, VATS and Open Lobectomy to evaluate the most significant cost drivers for the higher cost of robot assisted lobectomy.

A micro-costing model was developed to reflect the pathway of a patient from day of surgery through the first 30 days following lobectomy. Sensitivity analysis was performed specifically in the area of staff costs. A threshold sensitivity analysis of the overall cost components was also performed.

Total cost per case for the RATS approach was €13321 for the VATS approach was €11567, and for the Open approach was €12582. The overall cost differences were driven primarily by the elevated consumable costs associated with RATS Lobectomy. Capital costs account for a relatively small proportion of the per case cost difference.

We believe this is a useful tool for surgeons, hospital management, and service commissioning agencies to accurately and comprehensively determine where cost savings can be applied in their programme to improve the cost-effectiveness of RATS lobectomy.