Join the living Quit Smoking……A smoking cessation physiotherapy led Slainte care initiative

Title: Join the living Quit Smoking……A smoking cessation physiotherapy led Slainte care initiative
Author(s): A. Radley O’Donovan M. O’Connor R. Anglim D. Masterson Y. Vapra K. Bolger
Institution: COPD Outreach,Tipperary University Hospital,Clonmel,Co.Tipperary
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Category: COPD/Asthma
Abstract: COPD Outreach commenced in Physiotherapy Dept,TippUH in October 2020 as a Slaintecare project.There are 3 pillars to this programme(Pulmonary Rehab,Smoking Cessation & Early Supported Discharge).Smoking is the main modifiable risk factor for mortality in COPD.

There are 6000 deaths annually in Ireland due to smoking.

The Smoking Cessation service is committed to promoting positive health and well-being,by reducing the harm caused by tobacco use. We do this through education,client centred treatment,advocacy,audit and evaluation.

Patients consent to their referral to the smoking cessation service as in-patients where brief intervention and NRT is commenced.

Then patients are reviewed in the Physiotherapy OPD department for face to face behavioural support and regular carbon monoxide(CO) monitoring.These review appointments continue until client is 12 months smoke free. Data has shown that a percentage of clients may not cease or may relapse in the first visits and may require extra support to re set a Quit date.

All patients are registered on the national Quitmanager database.

To date 368 patients have received smoking cessation advice. 78% were smoke free after the 12 week programme & 76% smoke free at 1 year.

This ongoing initiative demonstrates the effectiveness of a smoking cessation face to face behavioural support programme and CO monitoring. Brief intervention re smoking cessation should be commenced at ward level and continued in out-patients.

The author encourages patients to remember that their last puff is their first breath of a new life so join the living Quit the habit.