Lung Cancer in young patients: A Review of the Mid West Lung Cancer Data

Title: Lung Cancer in young patients: A Review of the Mid West Lung Cancer Data
Author(s): O.Rahman, M.K.Rana, W.Mahmood, R Murphy, A.O’Brien
Institution: University hospital Limerick
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Category: Lung Cancer/CF/ILD/Surgery
Abstract: We performed a retrospective review of our lung cancer database for young patients presenting with a new diagnosis of lung cancer in the last 5 years (2015 to 2019). We looked at gender distribution, smoking history, types of cancer and treatment options, and molecular studies. We also compared these results to all lung cancer patients in the national lung cancer registry.

There were 16 patients below the age of 50 years diagnosed with lung cancer during that period. The mean age of the group was 43. 50% were male. Adenocarcinoma was present in 56% of our patients, 6.2% had squamous cell carcinoma, carcinoid 18.7%, small cell carcinoma was 12.5% and NSCL-NOS was 6.2%. 68.7% were either current or ex-smokers. 68.7% of patients diagnosed had stage 4 lung cancer. 31.2% of patients had surgical resection, 43.7% had chemotherapy, 6.2% had radiotherapy, while 18.7% did not receive any treatment.

When compared to national data of all lung cancer patients, the major differences noted included: prevalence of adenocarcinoma - 56% in younger group vs 34% in the national data; squamous cell carcinoma 6.2% vs 25%. The other difference was the stage of diagnosis- 68.7% were diagnosed at stage 4 in younger population vs 37% in the national data.

Conclusion: Young lung cancer patients have a higher prevalence of adenocarcinoma, lower prevalence of squamous cell carcinoma and present at a more advanced stage than older patients.