Preference for blended learning approach to non-invasive ventilation education

Title: Preference for blended learning approach to non-invasive ventilation education
Author(s): S Healy A Hallahan M O’Grady AM Fitzgerald DM Murphy MT Henry
Institution: Cork University Hospital
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Category: General Respiratory and Sleep
Abstract: During the initial stages of COVID-19, an unprecedented number of patients on non-invasive ventilation (NIV) were anticipated. Attendance at NIV class based education sessions in Cork University Hospital (CUH) has traditionally been suboptimal. After action reviews identified lack of knowledge as a risk in operating NIV machines. The anticipated exponential increase in number of patients requiring NIV resulted in novel engagement in education. This pilot project aimed to evaluate the addition of educational NIV videos to traditional class-based sessions.
Class based theory and practical sessions were provided and educational practical videos were developed by physiotherapists. The videos were circulated to all doctors and physiotherapists via WhatsApp groups to enable point of care access to local NIV information. A survey monkey questionnaire evaluated this format of NIV education.

Table 1. Class-based education attendance and questionnaire results

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Despite high attendance at NIV education sessions, the response rate to the questionnaire by doctors was low despite various strategies to improve this. Completing the evaluation at practical classes may yield higher response rates. Class based education was the preferred format of training but videos were the preferred resource for local information out-of-hours. This highlights the value of using technology to supplement the traditional class based approach to NIV education.