Pulmonary Function Assessment Post COVID-19 Infection in UHL

Title: Pulmonary Function Assessment Post COVID-19 Infection in UHL
Author(s): John Stephenson Michelle Balicaco Tendai Nyaude Cristina Falcao Ciara Mathews Dr. Cara Weldrick Dr. Aidan O’Brien
Institution: University Hospital Limerick
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Category: COVID 19
Abstract: The Lungs are the organs most affected by COVID-19. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of COVID-19 infection on Pulmonary Function in patients attending the Respiratory Clinic in UHL.
20 Patients were included in the study. Spirometry, DLCO and Lung Volumes Nitrogen Washout were measured. A questionnaire scoring the severity of symptoms at the time of infection, and the duration and severity of symptoms post infection was completed. Patient history and other relevant data were noted including smoking history, prior lung disease, age and if admitted during infection.
10% had Obstructive Spirometry. 55% had a mild reduction in DLCO. 5% had moderate reduction in DLCO, 15% had a reduced Total Lung Capacity. During infection, 55% described mild, 35% described moderate and 5% described severe symptoms. 18% of mildly symptomatic patients had abnormal Spirometry, 55% had abnormal DLCO and 27% had Restrictive Lung Volumes. 14% of moderately symptomatic patients had abnormal Spirometry and 57% had abnormal DLCO.
Abnormal Pulmonary Function was seen in 65% of study patients. The parameter most impaired was DLCO. The symptoms that persisted longest in patients were Dyspnoea, Cough and Fatigue.
This study suggests an association between COVID-19 infection and abnormal DLCO.