Reviewing bone health in a COPD Outreach service in South Tipperary

Title: Reviewing bone health in a COPD Outreach service in South Tipperary
Author(s): D Masterson M O'Connor A Radley Y Vapra K Bolger
Institution: Tipperary University Hospital
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Category: COPD/Asthma
Abstract: A Sláintecare funded COPD Outreach was commenced in 2020. Bone health is a potentially modifiable factor in health outcomes in patients with COPD. Assessment of bone health includes vitamin D measurement and DEXA scanning, to guide prescribing and address lifestyle modifications such as BMI, smoking, diet and exercise.
Of 32 patients managed to date, 15 have had a DEXA scan. 14/15 (93.3%) have highlighted bone health disorders. Two studies showed osteoporosis in spine, femoral neck and total hip (-2.5 to -4.2). The remainder demonstrated a combination of normal to osteoporosis in the 3 separate dimensions of the scan (-0.3 to -2.5).
13/32 (40%) of the total patients were prescribed bone protector medications with 3 of these having no documented DEXA scan. 14/32 were deficient in Vitamin D. 7 have successfully ceased smoking; 11 continue to smoke. 5/32 candidates had a BMI of less than 20.
This study highlights one associated comorbidity of patients treated during an Outreach program. This highlights the need for a systemic approach to patient health rather than solely lung health. Assessing and treating bone health through pharmacological and non-pharmacological means has the potential to improve the COPD associated health burden, and prevent hospital admissions and readmissions.