The COPD Adviceline – Have you heard?

Title: The COPD Adviceline – Have you heard?
Author(s): J. Johnston S. McCabe T. McDonnell M. Blake
Institution: COPD Support Ireland
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Category: COPD/Asthma
Abstract: The COPD Adviceline (COPD-Adv) is a Freephone, Respiratory Nurse call-back service for people living with COPD, funded by the HSE since 2016. However, the COVID-19 Global Pandemic highlighted its underutilisation amongst the COPD population. We aimed to explore the reasons for this and determine what improvements could be made to increase utilisation.

A 10-question e-survey was disseminated through respiratory health care professional (R-HCP) organisations as well as sharing it on twitter.

Results confirmed a lack of awareness of COPD-Adv amongst R-HCPs; 60% were aware of it, but only 31% referred patients to it. Of non-referrers, 14% reported their service fully met their patients’ needs, the remainder either didn’t know about COPD-Adv, didn’t have details to distribute, or didn’t think of it. Amongst respondents, Respiratory Nurses and Physiotherapists had most familiarity with COPD-Adv, indicating promotion amongst medical doctors could be beneficial. Main referrals were for new diagnosis COPD and exacerbation self-management education. Most valued features were delivery by fellow R-HCPs and suggested developments to allow video-call inhaler technique, breathlessness management and tailored home exercise programmes were proposed.

Overall, the response was positive regarding service content, but awareness was low, suggesting increased promotion across R-HCPs would be beneficial.