ITS Statement on Field Safety Notices issued by Philips Respironics on Sleep and Respiratory Care Devices

Further to the release by Philips Respironics of a Field Safety Notification on 14.06.2021 for a number of positive airway pressure (PAP) devices used for treatment of sleep apnoea and respiratory failure, Irish Thoracic Society colleagues have been working with the National Clinical Lead Respiratory the HSE and the HPRA to assess the impact and provide guidance and updates, pending further information from the manufacturers.

The Irish Thoracic Society reiterates the HSE recommendation that, based on current information supplied by Philips, all patients and device users should continue to use their device as prescribed until a replacement device is supplied or the device repaired.

If any patient or carer has concerns regarding the device they are using they are advised to check the device serial number and to contact the company who supplied their device for further information. Patients should contact their doctor if they have any further concerns.

Patients can obtain further information or support from Philips at 1800 851 241 or

Information from the European Respiratory Society which provides clinical guidance and direction

HSE Statement