Membership of the Irish Thoracic Society is open to all healthcare professionals involved in the care of people with chronic or acute respiratory diseases on the island of Ireland. Benefits of ITS Membership include: opportunities to apply for educational bursaries and research grants including the HRCI HRB Joint Funding Scheme; membership of sub-specialty committees; educational meetings including the ITS Annual Scientific Meeting and ongoing updates on ITS activities and issues relating to respiratory medicine and healthcare including access to a range of guidelines and other resources.

As a member of the Irish Thoracic Society, you can join the European Respiratory Society (ERS) for a reduced fee. ERS membership offers a wide range of benefits, including access to publications; educational events including the ERS Congress; e-learning resources and funding for fellowships and research grants.  Click HERE for more details.

To apply for ITS Membership, simply click on the relevant membership category below and complete the online form. Membership is divided into four categories as follows:

Ordinary Membership: Consultant Respiratory Physicians, Thoracic Surgeons, Internal Medicine Physicians, Consultant Paediatricians, Consultant Radiologists, Consultant Histopathologists & General Practitioners. Applications must be accompanied by a Proposer’s Statement signed by an Ordinary member of the Irish Thoracic Society.

Online Application Form Ordinary Members

Associate Membership: Specialist Registrars/Trainee Doctors/NCHDs.

Online Application Form Associate Members

General Respiratory Healthcare Professional Membership: Allied Healthcare Professionals with an interest in respiratory healthcare who are not members of affiliated organisations, including Nurses, Physiotherapists, Respiratory Physiologists, Scientists, Pharmacists, Nutritionists, etc.

Online Application Form General Respiratory Healthcare Professional Members

Affiliate Membership: Members of ANÁIL, CPRC and IICMP Respiratory Faculty can join the ITS for a discounted fee.

Online Application Form Affiliate Members

Northern Ireland Membership: ITS is happy to offer membership to Northern Ireland colleagues who are members of either or both the British Thoracic Society and the Ulster Thoracic Society. Please find here the Irish Thoracic Society Northern Ireland Membership Offering

Online Application Form Northern Ireland Members


If you have any queries regarding membership, please contact us by email at