Asthma Society of Ireland / Irish Thoracic Society Research Bursary 2014

The Asthma Society of Ireland/Irish Thoracic Society Joint Research Bursary has been awarded to Professor Richard Costello and Dr Imran Sulaiman of Beaumont Hospital, Dublin to fund a research study assessing asthma inhaler use in General Practice.

Presenting the award, Ms Sharon Cosgrove, CEO of the Asthma Society of Ireland, said:
“Research into the causes and treatment of asthma is key to improving the quality of care that can be delivered to the estimated 470,000 people in Ireland with the disease. We are particularly pleased to be supporting research that will have a direct impact on how patients manage their asthma through use of novel technologies such as the INCA Device which can be used to monitor
and provide adherence information, in conjunction with the Asthma Society of Ireland’s free App for iPhone – Asthma Coach – launched earlier this year.”

Dr Anthony O’Regan, President of the Irish Thoracic Society, commended the successful research proposal:
“Incorrect use of inhalers is a major challenge in the treatment of asthma in Ireland and the Irish Thoracic Society, in conjunction with the Asthma Society of Ireland, is delighted to award this bursary to the team at Beaumont Hospital in order to carry out much needed research in this area. Through use of novel technologies this study has the potential to transform the way asthma is managed through improved inhaler usage, resulting in better quality of life for patients as well as reduced costs to the healthcare system.”

Pictured below is Ms Sharon Cosgrove, CEO, Asthma Society of Ireland, presenting the award to Dr Imran Sulaiman, Beaumont Hospital.