8th Clinical Update Sleep™ International Conference

28th February 2025 | Royal College of Physicians, London, NW1 4LE

“Helpful, inspiring and educational” 2023 conference delegate The Clinical Update Sleep™: International Conference will guide you through the latest developments of sleep medicine, and will review the evidence for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with sleep disorders, including obstructive sleep apnoea, hypersomnia, parasomnia and insomnia, as well as circadian rhythm disorders.

Sessions for 2025 include:

• Insomnia

• Sleep-Disordered Breathing: New Diagnostics

• Parasomnias

• Circadian Rhythm Disorders

• Hypersomnias

• Sleep-Disordered Breathing: New Therapeutics

• Hot Topics and Clinical Trials

• British Sleep Society Symposium Book here via Eventbrite To find out more, visit: guysandstthomasevents.co.uk